The Most-of-the-Time Rule

whole foods pic rounded cornersHealthy Eating isn’t an all or nothing kind of deal.  “Eating like a Healthy Person” doesn’t mean deprivation, crash diets, food group elimination, strict guidelines, or obsessive behavior.

My Motto is:  “It’s what you do MOST of the time that counts – not what you do SOME of the time.”

So, if MOST of the time you are eating healthy and engaging in other healthful habits, you don’t have to worry about the SOME of the time stuff.  The problems happen when you start eating “not healthy” most of the time and only some of the time you are having your healthy foods.

What this looks like for me in real life:

Whenever I am getting “out of whack” and starting to feel less than optimal (a combination of crappy/fat/tired/depressed/aggravated with myself/tense…you get the picture), I can see EVERYTIME that it has something to do with getting off of the Most-of-the-time Rule.  Maybe it happens because I am extra busy or stressed and that contributes to things getting that way; but I can plainly see that I have been eating more junk/snacks/restaurant food/fast food/etc. (what’s a green vegetable look like again?), drinking less water (um-my water bottles….dirty?), and exercising less (it’s been 2 weeks!?!) or ditching other healthful habits.

The FIRST thing to do is to SNAP OUT OF IT and TURN IT AROUND!  Eat something healthy for your next meal – anything!  Have a glass of water – right now!  Make plans to go to the gym.  Take a few deep breaths and release some of that stress.

Next time I’m at the grocery store I fill up my cart with healthy foods, less snacks, and skip the sugary foods and junk foods.  I make sure that the food I eat at the house on a regular basis is all healthy.  That way, if I find myself needing to grab a less-than-healthy meal out or during a holiday outing I will be fully supported by the Most-of-the-time Rule.  I make sure to get exercise in that week and drink more water.  Then I take a breather, forgive myself, and send gratitude for the gift of being able to turn it around.

I find myself feeling better, thinking clearer, my mood improves, I am in greater balance, and things start falling back into place.

It’s kind of an 80/20 but who’s counting.  If you were eating Mostly Junk before then switching to Mostly Healthy Stuff is a process.  Don’t try to overhaul – just try for a half and half at first and see how it goes!

Give the Most-of-the-time Rule a try and give yourself the room to enjoy your Some-of-the-time Stuff!  Please share your thoughts on this and comment below!

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