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Feed Your Spirit – (Book 1) Sacred Self-Care

Healthy Eating and Living Practices to Support your Energy Work, Spiritual Journey, and Highest Self

Available February 10th!

The Energy Workers
Self-Care Companion

Paperback – 162 pages

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Using the Sacred Self-Care Wheel and your own Inner Wisdom, develop supportive, truly holistic daily practices that enrich your life and nurture radiant health.

When we nourish the body as well as the Soul, we deepen into harmony with our spiritual expansion. We center into a state of wellness that permeates the present moment with balance, power, and support for our Highest Path. We are better able to be fully present because we are nourished in a way that only we can provide – the loving self-care and inner strength that comes from trusting our intuition in each moment. Our connection to Source is enriched because our connection to Self has been enriched. Time spent honoring the Sacred within, the sacredness of what we put into our bodies, the sacredness of how we choose to live our lives, and the sacredness of our journey is time dedicated to the sacredness of life itself. This is Sacred Self-Care.

Feed Your Spirit supports seekers of personal and spiritual growth in establishing a healthy foundation of intuitive practices in their lives and assisting energy workers, holistic practitioners, and spiritual teachers in building on their overall wellness to support the strong mind-body-spirit connection. This powerful book cuts through the confusion, uncovers your inner wisdom, and puts you back in touch with the important basic principles of self-care that reach beyond your physical body and into all areas of your life.

“I highly recommend Feed Your Spirit to spiritually-minded holistic practitioners and adventures who are experiencing eating and self-care that is all over the map. The intuitive practices in this book will empower your personal transformation while deepening your connection to Spirit.”
– Stacey Gibbons, Creatrix of Earth & Sky Yoga, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Herbalist