Eating for Energy Work and Ritual Ceremony

fruit bowl3 rounded cornersFood is energy and each food has an energy signature all its own. The unique qualities of the food we eat play an important role in the quality of energy in our bodies. When engaging in Spiritual Work, Energy Work, and Ritual Ceremony, food plays a role.

What are the best foods for this kind of work? Which foods should we eat before Energy or Spiritual Work? How can we choose the best foods to honor our Rituals and Ceremonies?

Eating for Energy Work

When working with energies it helps to have balance in the body, a clear energy field, and be resonating at a higher vibration to start. Food can help with all of that!

Here’s what to do:

  • Start about 24 hours before your scheduled Energy Work session: The goal is to be properly nourished and not feel heavy and sluggish or spacey and out of whack. Eating sporadically or over-indulging the day before can drastically effect the quality of Energy you experience.
  • Aim for Balance: High sugar foods throw the body off as does a heavy meal. High sugar foods interfere with the mind body spirit energy system and heavy meals slow your energy as they slow the body. Stick with moderate amounts of healthy food.
  • High Vibration Foods and Grounding Foods: Raise your vibration and get grounded at the same time by including and finding a balance with these two types of foods. High vibration foods include superfoods, fresh fruits, greens, spices, raw vegetables, sprouted grains and legumes, and fresh juice. Grounding foods include nuts, seeds, root vegetables, beans, meat, eggs, and oils.
  • Eat Clean, Whole foods: Processed, chemicalized foods can distort the energy field, dull vibration, and muck up our energy as they muck up the body. Stick with clean whole foods before Energy Work for greater clarity of energy, vitality, and flow.
  • Drink Water: Feel free to bless your water or raise the vibration of the water using energy and intention before drinking for an extra boost!
  • Eat slowly and mindfully to ensure proper and even digestion and assimilation of the energies of the food.

Try making a list of some healthy meals that include high vibration and grounding foods to balance your energy. Refer to your list when grocery shopping and preparing the body for Energy Work.

Some suggestions to get you started:

Breakfast: Green Smoothie made with chia/flax/hemp seeds, sprouted grain cereal with almond milk, walnuts, and fresh berries, some hard boiled eggs with fresh fruit or juice, slow-cooked steel cut oats with cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, and dried cranberries. Fresh water.

Lunch: Big salad with plenty of raw vegetables and a cup of cooked salad beans and a dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, turkey bacon BLT with avocado on sprouted grain bread, bowl of chicken vegetable soup. Fresh water.

Snack: Goji berries, apple with nut butter, spiced roasted chick peas, fresh fruit, raw vegetables with Greek yogurt dip flavored with herbs and spices, brown rice cakes. Fresh water and/or herbal tea.

Dinner: Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice, barley, etc.), mindfully-raised and harvested meat or fish, roasted root vegetables, blanched greens.

Dessert: Dried, grilled, baked, or fresh fruit with nuts and herbal tea.

That is a basic list but the possibilities are endless – just pair healthy whole foods together for great energy combinations!

Have you noticed how the quality of your energy influences your Energy Work?

Supporting Spiritual Work

There are many ways food supports Spiritual Work. From fasting to feasting, the subject of food and Spirit is a far reaching one.

Throughout history and across cultures food is mentioned in a religious sense and sometimes comes with strict rules and regulations. It you have a specific religion you follow, check into the guidelines and attitudes about different foods given in the religious texts. You may find interesting reasons for the particular suggestions around food. It is a fascinating subject and worth exploring. It you feel drawn to it, experiment with these suggestions and see if they enhance your spiritual experience in the context of your chosen religion.

If you do not identify with only one given religion, or aren’t sure if particular food rules are right for you at this time, consider the following:

  • Decide if you would like to engage in Spiritual Work on an empty stomach or a full belly. Which one feels right to you?
  • Consider which type of Spiritual Work you will be engaging in and eat accordingly. Does it require being grounded, balanced, and/or high vibration? Does it require rational thinking and decision making, or higher consciousness awareness? Design the meal before this work to match the energy signature of what you would like to accomplish.
  • Give an offering of food before spiritual work, or make a Spirit Plate during the meal before this work. A Spirit Plate is a plate of food which is put aside and blessed as an offering to Spirit, the ancestors/loved ones who passed, and is symbolic of honor, respect, gratitude and abundance.

Being mindful of how food affects the mind, body, and spirit before, during, and after Spiritual Work is the most important step to finding the best supportive habits for your practice.

What food rituals do you observe and do they have special meaning?

Food for Rituals and Ceremony

Chances are, if you are engaging in Rituals and Ceremonies, there are already guidelines in place around when and what to eat. I will add a few important points here to help these processes and some things to keep in mind if you are starting your own rituals and would like some guidance around how food fits in.

Food can solidify an action, ritual, event, or transformation – eating helps put the energy of that moment into the body’s cells. A feast ensures this action and then encourages the body’s natural process to rest and assimilate.

When choosing and eating meat during a ritual or ceremony, be sure to honor the essence of the animal and explore whether it is conducive to the ceremony. Include other foods in this inquiry.

For example, if your ritual includes honoring the Sky, perhaps a bird of flight would be the best animal meat, or maybe their prey as an offering would be more sufficient? Honoring the Sun? Consider plants which convert sunlight to energy and bring that into our cells upon consumption, or an animal that represents the sun to you. The Moon? Cactus flowers that bloom only at night, night shade vegetables, nocturnal animals. The Earth? Land animals, roots, nuts, mushrooms. The Sea? Seaweed and sea animals.

Consider steeping a tea out of herbs or plants that compliment your ritual to partake in during the ceremony.

Certain foods are sacred by nature and support a rich history of ceremony.

What role does food have in your Spiritual work? Let me know and share below!


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