Food as Mind Body Spirit Medicine

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Food is integrated into our cells, our thoughts, our moods, our energy, our functioning, and has healing and spiritual properties individual to each food.

Food in the body represents the interconnectedness of all things on the level of matter and the interaction of energies from the perceived outside of the body to the inside.

How are you nourishing your mind body spirit system?

What foods do you take in each day?

Qualities of Holistic Medicinal Foods

Mind Body Spirit Foods truly nourish, heal, and sustain life on many levels. They possess energetic qualities and certain properties that elicit a measurable response in the body. This can be as drastic as causing visible physical changes or so subtle that it is only detected in the subtle energy body. The qualities are there none-the-less.

Here is a list of some things to look for:

  • Well-known healing foods: fermented foods, medicinal teas, spices, herbs, garlic, honey, aloe, bone broth, mushrooms, tinctures, conjee, raw apple cider vinegar, etc.
  • Traditional recipes going back more than a hundred years (containing no white sugar, white flour, or packaged foods).
  • Foods traditionally gathered by hand, and/or grown in a conscious way.
  • Foods made with love and care.
  • Superfoods full of nutrients.
  • Family recipes associated with good memories.

Since ancient times food has been used as the original medicine, and medicinal foods cultivated and used as part of the daily diet.

Including Medicinal Foods in the Daily Diet

“What you put at the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

Foods contain more than nutrients and energy, they contain information. Information that speaks to our DNA, to the core of the bio-system, switching on or off genes that lead to health or disease.  Information from nature, from the growing conditions, from the seasons, from the elements, from the earth, sun and sky. Information communicated on an energetic and spiritual level.

Consciously including foods that benefit the whole self, mind body and spirit, is a powerful practice.

Here are some ways to include these foods into your daily diet:

  • Stock the pantry with well-known healing foods and add them to your favorite recipes.
  • Add recipes that include healing foods to your regular rotation.
  • Rotate a variety of teas during the year and see which ones you find helpful.
  • Shop at local markets, pick your own fruit, and connect with where your food comes from.
  • Introduce superfoods in cereal, in a smoothie, as a snack, or as part of a meal.
  • Take time to prepare food in a loving way with care and attention.
  • Prepare traditional family recipes and enjoy them with family and friends.
  • Research foods that help with health ailments you may be experiencing and use them as part of your healing regimen.
  • Eat mindfully being fully present and eating with awareness.
  • Give thanks, bless the food, and/or connect with the energy of the food before eating.
  • Connect with your Nutrition Intuition when choosing foods that are right for you.

Food is not only medicine, but also a connection to the world and each other. May the foods you choose fill the belly, nourish the soul, and heal the body.

Which foods do you find are mind body spirit medicine for you? Let me know and share below!

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