Nutrition Intuition – How to use Metaphysics to make the best food choices!

white lotus rounded cornersNutrition Intuition is accessing your Higher Self and higher vibration to assist in determining the What, When, Where, Why, and How of your food choices.

It’s trusting yourself to be your own Empowered Nutrition Coach.

This week I am finishing up my Metaphysics Bachelor Degree Exam and starting the Master’s Program (I’ve been working on the Bachelor’s for three years!). In doing so, I have been thinking a lot about how Metaphysics relates to healthy eating, and in particular, what I am creating here at Feed Your Spirit Coaching, and why.

It keeps coming back down to this: you are your inner most authority. The connection we have to this Higher Self, to this Divine Self within, dictates how our bodies and minds move through this existence. When we take control and responsibility for our role in healthy eating and living, as our foremost authority and caretaker of this body-mind system, we step out of victimization and into empowerment. We are then pumped and primed to Feed Our Spirits in whatever way we, ourselves, think best to do so!

I can only Guide you to be your own Guide. You are the one who makes your food and eating decisions day in and day out, multiple times a day. And frankly, as Louise Hay so eloquently puts it, your body knows best.

More than Mindful Eating, accessing your Nutrition Intuition both grounds us in confidence for the food choices we make, and raises our vibration every time we prepare to take part in a meal. This also helps the food we choose to work best for us – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and energetically.

Raising Your Vibration for Better Food Choices

Raising your vibration means to feel the positive energy through you and around you – and resonate with this. It helps to match our vibrations to the available food so that we can magnetically and vibrationally choose which food is best for us in that moment.

So we can make the best decision!

If we are operating at a negative, stressed out vibration, we may not be drawn to the best foods for us, but rather foods that perpetuate stress on the body system.

It is worth mentioning that many Holistic Health practices use vibrational methods to point out which food/substances – and/or more esoterically emotions and inner circumstances – are causing the body to be off-balance, dis-eased, or react negatively. Vibrational methods also can help determine what may help bring the body system back into greater health. (There are also ways to raise the vibration of the food but we will save that for another day!)

I have witnessed the extraordinary holistic health and healing properties of this at work in many ways and it has further expanded my appreciation and understanding of food and vibration.

Nutrition Intuition works on an energetic level. We only want what is best for ourselves and – more than the Ego – the Spirit within knows what is best. Stepping into that and trusting that we will make the right choice leads to that Best Self guiding us in our daily food choices.

What else can you do to raise your vibration? Engage in positive/inspiring/creative thoughts, activities, and healthy living practices that feed your Spirit of course!

Nutrition Intuition at Work – A Daily Practice

Have you ever found yourself eating a head of raw cauliflower for no reason? Or all of a sudden, craving sweet potatoes like crazy? It could be your body saying it needs the specific nutrition that those foods provide, or perhaps your Spirit is aching to feel more grounded (sweet potato), or lighter (raw cauliflower). It could be you are settling into the rhythms of the seasons, or it may be an emotional craving showing up. Whatever it is – it’s Nutrition Intuition at work!

We get stuck in a rut of what we “usually have been eating”, but what foods are best for us change over time. They change with the changing variables of our life. They change with the seasons. They change day to day, meal to meal.

Metaphysical Practice to assist in working with your Nutrition Intuition:

When a thought arises about your next meal, use that as a trigger to take a moment and access your Nutrition Intuition –

  • Close your eyes, take a few breaths, and enter a light state of meditation if that is accessible.
  • Feel into your intuition, and/or picture your Highest Self/Best Self, and/or have an awareness of rising above your own consciousness.
  • Ask to be guided to the best food for you at this time.
  • Take another deep breath and settle into your body.
  • Affirm: “I am guided by the Divine Self within to make the choice that is best for me.”
  • Trust that you will make the best choices in that moment and stand in this power.
  • Move forth to your next meal with this inner knowing activated.

Repeat this as many times as needed throughout your daily life until you are using your Nutrition Intuition freely and confidently. Write this on a note card and keep it with you if you would like.

For more information on Accessing Your Nutrition Intuition, sign up for your FREE Empowered Nutrition Guidebook in the sidebar, or participate in a One-on-One Nutrition Empowerment Session!

How do you connect with your intuition when it comes to living a happy, healthy life? How about with your food choices? Let me know and share below!


I’m in full agreement with this, Brandy, and feel it needs to be taught extensively. It’s crucial for health (and also relates a lot to our connection to the natural world and eating natural, fresh foods that have been grown by organic means that are safe for our bodies and the Earth). I believe people have known this for millennia but forgotten it recently during our era of processed food. Please keep teaching about this!

by Chara on June 24, 2015 at 10:53 am. Reply #

It is great to hear your perspective on this Chara! Thank you so much for your passion on this topic. I wish to expand on this concept in the future and your comment is very helpful. Lots of love!!!

by Vyta Webmaster on June 24, 2015 at 10:23 pm. Reply #

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on finishing your degree!
Secondly, I’d never heard of “Nutrition Intuition” but I’ve definitely experienced it when others talk about some amazing diet feels wrong for me! Or when I try to eat chicken and can’t. Or why tofu works for me.

Thank you for the lovely affirmation and practice. It’s nice to have the words to use with my intuition.

Great post!

by Donna, Walks In Spirit on June 24, 2015 at 11:26 am. Reply #

WooHoo! 🙂 Thank you Donna!!! Secondly – I made it up! It is the best way for me to describe my experience and the knowledge I want to share with others. All of the things that you speak of. I am so glad to hear that you have experienced this in your life and relate to it also! I really appreciate all of your comments! A big hug to you!!!

by Vyta Webmaster on June 24, 2015 at 10:18 pm. Reply #

This is a powerful post Brandy. When I was in nutrition school I often wondered about this. It drives me crazy when people get obsessed with a particular diet or count calories. Our body and intuition are our biggest guides. I’ll be sharing this post. Thanks and much love

by Puja Madan on June 24, 2015 at 9:27 pm. Reply #

Excellent Puja! Thank you so much! Your words are very encouraging and I am glad this resonated with you! Much love!

by Vyta Webmaster on June 24, 2015 at 10:14 pm. Reply #

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