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Offering supportive services to help empower you on your path.  With these offerings we hope to guide you in better hearing the voice of your soul, trusting your inner wisdom, and igniting your healing power. You are more powerful than you know!

*To schedule below services, please e-mail us through the Contact Us page. You are also welcome to use the PayPal button below for ease of payment.


Custom Session – Personalized Combo of Coaching, Energy Work, Tarot, Etc

2 hour One-on-one Session

This unique offering is tailored to your immediate needs and what forms of support will be most beneficial for you at the moment and have the greatest impact. Drawing from her basket of knowledge and tools Brandy will work with you to intuitively discover what is needed for your greatest mind-body-spirit balance, harmony, and vitality.

“The Customized Session was so beautiful and healing…I feel high and enlightened!” – Micheal G.

“I spent my morning with the beautiful and inspiring, Brandy Yavicoli. We had an intense session of Tarot, Energy Healing, and Reiki. I have been severely struggling lately and needed some guidance. I walked away feeling like I’m in the midst of a major transformation. Thank you, my friend! It was a wonderful experience. You are truly gifted at what you do. I am so thankful to have you in my life. Thank you for helping me find my way.” – Allison C.

Energy Exchange: $90

modernist hr line

Sacred Self Care Session

1 hour One-on-one Session

Take some time with Brandy to asess your Daily practices and create a customized self care routine to bring you to greater mind-body-spirit harmony and balance. The Sacred Self Care Wheel features 9 simple but powerful healthy living practices to focus on. With this as a template, we design daily rituals of healthy living to support your highest self and that meet you where you are.

Energy Exchange: $60

 modernist hr line

Shamanic Reiki Energy Work

2 hour One-on-one Session

Immerse yourself in ancient shamanic healing work during this deeply relaxing and unique healing session. Unwind and lay comfortably while Shamanic Reiki Master Energy Worker Brandy Yavicoli facilitates ancient shamanic healing modalities that balance the chakras, release negative energy, and amplify positive energy in the synergistic mind-body-spirit system. Using stones, crystals, energy work, items from nature, journeying, and sound healing with drums, singing bowls, and other instruments and ritual tools, you are taken on a restorative journey and elevated into a higher vibration while uncovering your own inner healer. Sessions may be done inside or out in Nature weather permitting.

Energy Exchange: $90

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Usui Reiki Energy Work

60 min One-on-one Session

This hands on healing technique is both gentle and relaxing. Calm, center, and find peace within as you experience stress relief, inner healing, and harmony in body mind and spirit. Using healing touch and heart-centered energy work we aim for peace, well-being, and balance using this pleasant and complementary healing modality.

Energy Exchange: $60

modernist hr line

flower of life

Past Life Regression Therapy

2 hour One-on-one Session

Past Life Regression Therapy helps to access your inner knowing and connects your subconscious with your present experience to share important life lessons that help to bring harmony and balance to your life, get clarity, and live your best life NOW! Explore this wonderful healing tool with Coach Brandy as your guide.

Energy Exchange: $90

modernist hr line

oracle cards1 (2)

Tarot and Oracle Readings

45 min One-on-one Session

Divine into the guidance of Oracle and Tarot Cards for personal clarity on the present currents of your life. With many decks to choose from, you receive insight through a reading with the card deck that resonates with you. Coach Brandy offers positive ways to use your higher consciousness to guide you going forward and assists you in interpreting the messages from the cards using your own inner knowing, for you are your best Oracle. Popular Readings are Goddess Card Chakra Readings to gain insight and information on your Chakras, and Earth Wisdom Card Crossroad Readings to help you move forward when you are at a crossroads.

Energy Exchange: $45

modernist hr line

Shamanic Distance Healing Immersion

Month-long Immersive Healing Experience

During this month long healing journey, you become the healer of not only your body but your life. Working closely with the elements and through ceremony, you enter a portal of powerful transmutation which is supported by Brandy as facilitator. Brandy holds space ceremonially, energetically, and on many levels through the luminous field to connect you with the highest energetic frequencies that are available to you in each moment, both within and without. Two connective phone sessions, intensive shamanic healing ceremony, tarot card reading, vision quest nature healing session, fire ceremony, candle rituals, meditations, continual intuitive spontaneous vibrational energy exchange, and holistic healing support. Choose this intensive transformational healing package if you are ready to step into the healing energies all around you and connect on deeper levels to the power within to heal and release old patterns, dis-ease, and stuckness so you can uncover the true best expression of yourself and your life going forward.

Energy Exchange: $180

modernist hr line

floating flowers

Ceremonial Work

1 hour – 5 hours

Brandy is available to perform Weddings, Full Moon Ceremonies, Group Energy Circles, Releasing Rituals, Baptisms, Home Clearings and Blessings, and other Ceremonial Work. Contact for more information on highly personal, customizable Ceremonies to fit your sacred occasion!

Energy Exchange: Price Ranges from $90-$300

Inquire about Ceremonial Services on the Contact Us page!

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