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Before working with Brandy I was overweight, my diabetes was out of control, I had no energy, and I felt horrible all the time.  During the program I enjoyed Brandy’s supportive, positive and inspiring personality and have never met a person who was so willing to help no matter the circumstance with a very caring attitude. If I had a question or concern she answered it Immediately or got back to me within a day.  With her support I have lost more than 30 lbs, I have a ton of energy, my sugars are down and stable (100-120), my body feels like it went through a thorough cleansing, I feel wonderful, and I know that I will continue to feel great because I have made this a lifestyle change!!!  With learning how to eat naturally, I have had so much more energy and now have the will to cook and food shop again.   I don’t even drive through the fast food anymore even if my husband wants me to! I have also found that I love whole grains! I am now able to do more around the house and at work. My exercise has greatly improved and tonight I did 60 minutes, 3 miles, and 418 calories on the treadmill! That was a goal for me. Before I never wanted to get up from my desk! Now I walk all over the hospital. My mood has improved greatly–I was so depressed and down before I started and now I’m happy most of the time. My stress level has improved also and I’m having a better time dealing with my mom’s passing. Before this I didn’t care what I looked like and now I am excited to shop for clothes and it feels good to fit into smaller sizes, style my hair, and wear new makeup! My hair is stronger and my skin is more moist and not as dry. People are noticing and it feels good.

Hanna T.