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During the six months that I met with Brandy I lost 56 pounds. That however was an extra benefit. More importantly, I learned how to eat healthy and how to be healthy. My first experience with Brandy was a phone call to schedule my consultation appointment. That phone call proved to be the beginning of a very special relationship, professional and personal.  Brandy’s warm and bubbly personality made me instantly like her. Before I began working with Brandy I was morbidly obese and I was becoming miserable. My knees hurt, I could not sleep at night and my feet and ankles were always swollen. I no longer had the energy to do the things that I enjoyed most like gardening and playing with my grandchildren. With her encouragement I not only lost 56lbs but found an exercise program that has strengthened my knees and they no longer ache. Brandy also helped me with changes in my diet so that I sleep much better at night. Through trial and error she helped me pinpoint the foods that I needed to limit and that has completely solved the edema problem in my ankles and feet. I enjoyed everything about working with Brandy! She has a contagious excitement about her program that continued the entire 6 months. Brandy is patient and answers all my questions, she was always there for me, cheering me on every week. I simply enjoyed spending one-on-one time with her. While Brandy’s title is Health and Nutrition Coach, she incorporates so much more into her program. I learned that my diet affected my total being and that my total being affected my diet. Brandy helped me to adjust my diet to benefit me physically, cognitively, and emotionally. Most importantly, she made me see that “I am important, I am special!” Brandy taught me so much more than how to change my diet. She taught me “how to be me”. She helped me to see that I was an emotional eater and why. More importantly she taught me how to stop it. Brandy made me feel important and that I had the right to feel that way. We discovered that I am a nurturing person and am happier when taking care of others.  Brandy helped me be comfortable taking care of my own needs and wants. We shared recipes and together we tweaked a few to make them healthier. By trial and error, I learned which foods were optimal for my weight loss and which foods would sabotage it. Mostly, we talked. I talked, Brandy listened. She has a special gift and she knew how to make me feel comfortable enough to share things with her that I have never shared with anyone before or since! She never judged, only listened. We laughed, I cried-cleansing, healing tears. Six months flew by and I remember sitting there waiting for Brandy that last night. We laughed and yes, we cried, hugged and left knowing that so much good had been accomplished in the last six months but more importantly a lifelong friendship had been formed. Two years and 145lbs later, Brandy and I are still great friends, still laughing and crying together. Love you Brandy and I thank God for putting you in my life! Thank you Brandy!

Sheron S.