What the Heck is a Chakra

chakra man rounded cornersCHAKRA (sanskrit wheel, whirlpool, or vortex of vital energy or light): any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the human body.

One of the ways to feed the Spirit and support our highest self is through exploration of the Chakra system of energy. The main Chakras (which we will be discussing here) are points of energy exchange down the spine that correlate with the endocrine, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Both giving and receiving life force energy, they play a prominent role in many holistic healing modalities.

When the flow of energy through the Chakras is clear and functioning well, wellness radiates through the entire body.

There is more to this than just energy points in the physical system. The Chakras also deal with the subtle energies of the complete mind body spirit expression. Working with these energies clears emotional, physical, and mental blocks, raises vibration, and clears the way for a greater connection to your higher, divine self. This facilitates the greatest expression of your true self and divine purpose in this life.

Sound a little much? Read on to see what I am talking about!

Energy Coaching Adventure

That’s right! This is going to be an adventure. Because, well, it IS much. It’s a pretty big deal, because it’s YOU we’re talking about!

There are countless ways to assess the functioning of your Chakras. As a Holistic Health and Life Coach, I offer you coaching questions to help you gain clarity on the health and wellness of your energy body how it relates to your life actions. These questions can accompany your meditation or journaling practice or simply answered as you read. Take note of any “ding’s” you get while experiencing your answers.

Root/Earth Chakra – Located at the base of the spine, runs up/down through the feet, legs, and pelvic floor. Security, survival, sexuality, sensuality. The basis of life.

Can I “stand on my own two feet”? Do I feel connected and grounded to the Earth? Are my most basic needs fulfilled? What am I most afraid of? Am I handling my fears in a positive way? Do I have a healthy relationship with my sexuality? Do I feel comfortable expressing my sensuality?

Sacral/Navel Chakra – Located in the upper part of the sacrum below the navel. Creativity, reproduction, joy, enthusiasm. Emotions and the stress response.

What emotions have I been feeling lately? How am I handling my emotions and stress? What am I creating? Am I using my creativity in a positive way?

Solar Plexus/Power Chakra – Located between the navel and the bottom of the sternum. Personal power, strength, courage, expansiveness, metabolism/digestion, personal growth.

How does stress affect me in my body? What is holding me back? What is pulling me forward? What are my personal motivations and influences? Do they line up with my goals and aspirations?

Heart Chakra – Located in the center of the chest, also runs through the arms and hands. Unconditional love and compassion, empathy, devotion, acceptance, charity towards others. Nonviolence, calm, and peace.

What is the health of my relationships? Do I react violently or experience violence in my life? Do I experience calm and peace in my life? What parts of my life do I love? What parts am I not acceptant of?

Throat Chakra – Located between the collar bone and larynx in the neck. Communication, self-expression, truth, independence. Being vulnerable and authentic.

Am I afraid of public speaking or singing in public? Where am I afraid to speak my truth? Do I have an outlet for expression? Do I often speak negatively? When? Where do I find myself wanting to speak but holding back? What truth needs to be expressed to the world?

Brow Chakra – Located in the center of the brow. Intuition, clarity, psychic connection, 6th sense, visualization.

Do I trust my inner guidance? Can I “read between the lines” in a given situation? Do I sometimes confuse information with knowledge? Do I turn inward to gain clarity on life issues or do I look everywhere else? What am I ignoring or overlooking in my life? What hidden messages is the universe trying to send me?

Crown Chakra – Located at the top of the head. Universal consciousness, connection to higher self, connection to the divine, un-attachment.

Am I living or feel called to live a higher purpose in my life? Can I see situations from a higher perspective? Do I self-observe and learn from my mistakes? Do I ever find myself creating or writing and it feels like things just come to me? Am I ever “in the zone”? Can I see the positive big-picture in a situation when others only see negatives? What helps me to feel connected to a higher power or the Universe? What am I attached to? What can I let go of?

Based on your answers, which Chakras do you find may need more attention? Where in your life can you work to align your actions to your desires and let go of unwanted actions, thoughts and beliefs? Which Chakras are flowing freely and positively in your life?

Further Ways to Promote Chakra Health

Supporting the Chakras supports your entire being. Awareness of the Chakras is an ancient knowledge that spans many cultures from yogic traditions to traditional Chinese medicine, the Kabballah to Mayan teachings. Here are a few wide-spread holistic healing practices that directly support Chakra health:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture works directly with the subtle energy system of the body and the different Chakra energy points. Helps to open, clear, and support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing of the body.
  • Yoga: The roots of this practice stem from Chakra work. Many branches of yoga work with clearing, healing, and supporting the Chakras for the ultimate goal of spiritual awakening. The physical yoga practice supports a healthy Chakra system.
  • Reiki/Energy Work: Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses the Chakra system. There are many other energy healing modalities that use the Chakras to balance and heal the body.
  • Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy: Each Chakra relates to a different color, sound, and smell. These therapies work to aid the subtle energy body in healing using their vibrational healing qualities.
  • Crystal Energy Healing: Crystals have the power to greatly influence the Chakras. They are used to balance, calm, energize, or activate these energy centers.
  • Shamanism: These indigenous healing approaches work with both non-subtle and subtle energies and support the Chakras in many ways. The Chakras also correlate with certain Power/Spirit Animals and the Medicine Wheel.
  • Meditation: Practicing meditation and calming the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies promotes total Chakra health and full-body wellness.

These are just a few of the ways you can further support a healthy, flowing, and balanced energy system. Try one of these modalities or combine a few to aid in your self-exploration and healing work.

What came up for you? What is your experience with subtle energy? Let me know and share below!


What a lovely description of the chakra system and how the energies manifest in our lives and our bodies. I need to pay more attention to color. Thanks for pulling it all together so neatly.

by Andrea on May 27, 2015 at 10:47 am. Reply #

Brandy this is an excellent easy to understand post on the chakra system and how to promote chakra health. Our chakra’s love our attention. 🙂 Thank you!

by Debra Oakland on May 27, 2015 at 12:55 pm. Reply #

A fun way to express the needs of our chakras. Much love, Natasha

by Natasha on May 27, 2015 at 1:18 pm. Reply #

Hi Brandy,

I also like the elemental healing as a means of healing and understanding the chakra system. So for example, if I want to solve sacral chakra issues, water is my friend to help me heal. Or even, when I feel unsure and not grounded, connecting to the earth element is a good way to balance the energies.

Wonderful post about chakras!


by Zaria Papa on June 14, 2016 at 8:37 am. Reply #

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